The Aftermath [of School]

I feel indifferent about going to school. It’s sooo much work; I guess I forgot what it’s like. Today I almost fell asleep studying. I hate the pictures I took. It was sooo cold out Friday taking pictures. My nose was running and I didn’t even know it (good thing no one was looking). My cold fingers couldn’t adjust the camera through the gloves. My legs were cold. Whaaaah, whaaah, whaaah! I felt like I was the only one at the park, even though I wasn’t. There were other fools out there playing tennis and jogging. I need to go out again and take more pictures.

The good news is that I don’ t have to buy the camera. My husband is unable to find a copy of Lightroom at the school. I broke down and bought a printer; I was able to return the printer that I Tim bought for me for Christmas. And that was $279.00. The paper that we’re printing on is $50+. I’m still not finished buying supplies. As you can see, the dollar bill is always on my mind.

I was anxious this whole week. I think I feel better after I studied because the information that I’m studying is coming back to me. I took an intro class almost 2 years ago. And I’m glad my husband is picking up the slack around the house so I can do my work!

The Aftermath [of School]

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