Long Weekend

Friday…I decided not to take pictures today because teacher dude wanted more light on my subject matter and the clouds kept blowing in front of the sun. Instead I read for my mid-term and impatiently waited for my tripod to be delivered at the end of the day, which they did. Thank you, UPS! Very reliable. Although I read I felt the day was wasted.

Saturday…Tim went out to meet a client for a web project at lunchtime. I thought I was going to burst waiting for him to come back home. I took Christian to the park and tried to take some pictures there. The photos weren’t coming out as expected. I started to panic and e-mailed teacher dude. I couldn’t see a thing on my phone because the sun was too bright. Teacher dude wasn’t responding correctly my question. So we went home soon after so I can get on a large screen computer so he can answer my question. I found out that I was doing the project backwards. My daylight was almost gone when my husband returned. I went out shooting anyway and I did get some good shots.

Sunday…I went out shooting after church. They asked me to stay because of the constant shortage of people. I had to explain my situation to big boss. I was getting nervous because I haven’t started the project that is due this week. Actually I did, but the photos were horrible. I decided to go to Decatur Square and I wasn’t sure where to park so I wouldn’t get towed. I also got lost going there and going back home. It was dark by the time I got back. Now I’m exhausted. I’m glad the woman on the street told me about the cemetery nearby. I managed to get some good pictures there.

Long Weekend

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