I Really Do Like photography Despite the Fact…

I really do like photography despite the fact:

that I will be going out in the cold at sunset to retake a picture for class of a waterfall so it will be the right shutter speed [of 10 seconds]. Right now there is too much light to take the “perfect’ photo. All I know is that is better come out because I was shivering earlier trying to take this picture.

I spent $35 for an annual pass to Stone Mountain Park so I can take the picture of the d@#n waterfall (or anything else for that matter)

Teacher Dude makes me take 400 pictures of a project. I recently read in a magazine where a man took 6,000 -7,000 pictures and only used about 80 of those photos. Maybe I should be glad that I only have to take 400?

it’s getting brighter outside and I’m waiting for it to get darker so I can take the waterfall photos (the darker it is the better, according to Teacher Dude

it might be raining when I take this waterfall photo

I get  no sleep and my 5-year old is as demanding as always

The house is disgustingly dirty and I’m sitting here blogging


Duped again! Yes the self-portrait was due that Wednesday. I’m so screwed up and so is the teacher, since we missed the first week due to snow. But I did have them all mounted by Wednesday only to find out that I only had to mount one.  >:-(  I also bought more mat board (just in case) because my husband messed up a few. And I really didn’t need anymore because I though we had to mount all 5 photos and I needed more for the next project!

Need to get out of my fog, my funk…need sleep.

I Really Do Like photography Despite the Fact…

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