Self Portraits

(Sunday, February 27) The worst assignment…I had to take 4oo in order to make a potential A on the project. I do not like being on the other side of the camera unless the other person knows what he/she is doing. My husband was my assistant today.

Taking all of these photos since the class began I learned a lot about my camera – like it’s capabilities. I won’t go through the details. Teacher dude told us to have a stand in or have an object stand in so you can focus. Neither idea works very well. So Tim held the camera for the most part unless the light was low.

Here are some of  the things that didn’t help the situation when I was doing the self portraits:

I couldn’t really do any inside because there wasn’t enough natural light. I was successful with the ones in front of the orange wall. I finally used my brain that God gave me and got out my reflector that I never use. This made the shadow a little lighter.

A long lens caused me not to be totally in focus. Tim was getting angry. In some cases I changed the depth of field and that helped. And taking pictures in the sun helped so I can see what I’m focusing on.

My aperture changes as I zoom out. Teacher Dude mentioned (years after I bought the camera) that you should buy a lens that is marked with only one aperture. Sometimes I need my aperture to open wider and that’s not happening.

Partly cloudy days drive me crazy. One minute it’s sunny and the next it’s cloudy. Which means I have to change the white balance and exposure.

Regardless, I did get some nice pictures. Not perfect, but nice.

Self Portraits

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