Doing Nothing on my Pseudo Vacation

These days are far and few between. I did do some things, but not cleaning. Oh, wait I did wash 2 loads of clothes. Darn…

Why is it my pseudo vacation? I still have [house] work to do at home and I’m spending my school spring break at home instead of Cancun.

School ended for me finally. I can’t say I aced the final. The first 10 were easy then I saw a bump in the road. Then Teacher Dude had the nerve to have 2 parts to a question on the test and I was only able to answer half of it correctly. And then there were some that I stupidly answered wrong. I  could go on and on…

But you know what? I have 2 degrees already and  I’m ok with the grade that I got (as if I have a choice) as long as it wasn’t a failing grade. And it wasn’t. I’m not planing on getting another degree so all it good. I’m not proving anything to anyone (that I have to say 100 x’s everyday). As long as the portfolio is good. I added more pictures to my flickr account (just click the box to your right).

And then, I hand in the wrong photo for a redo. I could kick myself…

Doing Nothing on my Pseudo Vacation

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