Mini Interview with Artiste: Beth Prasse

I thought it would be fun to show off my friends’ works by doing a mini interviews. My first interview is with Beth. She works outside the home, sells her work online, and is a mom of two, soon to be three! Congratulations, Beth!

In the past, Beth:

  • was recently featured to promote the band Polaroid Kiss’s upcoming album.
  • featured artist on The Horrorzine and is scheduled to be in their next printed book edition!
  • her work has been used as cover-art for PSDR evolution Chiamata Alle Arti
  • been printed in the Harmless book project (The Harmless Organization took home a Community Award for Enabling Healthy Lives).

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How long have you been painting?
Two 1/2 years. Two years ago I made a New Years resolution to paint everyday to practice and teach myself to paint because:  I love art;  I wanted to shift my emotional creativity from verbal poetry to visual expression; and I wanted a healthy hobby to do while the kids were growing old enough to play with their friends…

What inspires you to do your type of work?
Emotion. I try to visualize my emotion (twist or exaggerate) using colors and photography of different expressions and then I would build upon my ideas. Music is also a huge inspiration. In fact, when I am not emotionally inspired, I am unable to paint. Anything that I force on paper or canvas never works right. So, I end up setting aside the paper or canvas until I can go back to it later with an idea in mind and paint over it.

Who or what is a Jelefi (Jelefi is the name of Beth’s Esty’s shop)?
Jelefi is a nickname that comes from the name Jelefibookala. When we found out that I was pregnant with out first child, we discussed baby names and decided to make up our own, since all names started somewhere as a mouthful of sounds. As God would have it, we quickly found out we were having a boy and picked out a different name.

Favorite color?
Glaucous Blue

Do you use them in your paintings?
Yes, but most often I am drawn to black, white and red.

How do you find time to paint when you work and have a family?
I paint at night or when my boys are playing with their friends or on the weekends. Sometimes the chores wait so I can relax or sometimes I do the chores so I can feel justified to paint, but I try to find a healthy balance for everyone including myself.

You can see more of her work on etsy that she is selling. Good luck on your pregnancy and thank you for the interview!

Mini Interview with Artiste: Beth Prasse

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