How did I Do It?

Despite all my worrying I got an A- in my class! I honestly don’t know how I did that, but I won’t argue.

Saturday was my son’s birthday and party. He had a great time even though he didn’t try his own birthday cake. The majority of the cake was white and he claimed that he doesn’t like white icing. He recently stopped eating BK chicken nuggets because the shape changed. Unbelievable.I changed brands of butter recently, and he refused to eat it. He did eat my cupcakes that I gave to the class, which was a good thing.

I finally got around to making some jewelry. I may redo some pieces since they are not selling. I like the ones I made recently.

I’ve been looking into stock photography. There’s a lot of rules involved. Since I took some of the pictures on private property they may not qualify. Some of my friends inquired about my services and selling photos. I’m more blessed than I think I am.

How did I Do It?

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