Oh, the Freshmen

Being older and listening to these youngsters thinking it’s the end of the world, you just shake your head. Been there, done that. Sometimes you just want to say shut up, or shutty, or grow up! Today before class, I was listening to the other students in my class complaining about this class – they didn’t take enough photos, I didn’t understand the project, blah, blah, blah…Yes, the grasshoppers have lots to learn.

I did complain a bit about the amount of work, but what else is new? Nothing will change. In some ways the class is easier, because I have the same teacher so I know what to expect. It’s only gonna get worse when the classes advance. Plus I know some of the stuff he is teaching. I went kinda backwards when I chose classes.

For one of the assignments, I will be carrying around my camera pretty much all the time. We have to do an ongoing photo journal. At the end of the quarter we will be making a slide show from it in Lightroom.

I got an A on my first project because I took 5 million (299) pictures. I was disappointed because I’m so used to printing out photos from the last class and I really liked a lot of the images I took. Unfortunately, I can’t print them out now because they are in raw form and I’m waiting for my next set of directions. I don’t want to screw up what I am doing in Lightroom which is the point of the class. Also, we won’t have any critiques in this class. I’m usually my worse critic so I guess I’m ok with that.

Actually I’m glad that I’m more relaxed this quarter. It’s better on my nerves and some how I manage. Last weekend I had a party to go to and this weekend the same, and I managed. 🙂

Oh, the Freshmen

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