Playing Catch Up

I don’t like playing catch up because I can never catch up and I don’t try to anymore. It is what it is. So maybe I should say…I don’t know! But here is a past story about the ugly girls:

The Ugly Girls

The Ugly Girls come from South America – Peru and Columbia. My husband calls them the Ugly Girls because they remind him of humans, ugly ones. They are actually alpacas.

It was a job getting photos of the girls. I drove by the farm and didn’t see anyone there. I asked a neighbor if he knew where the owners lived. He pointed down the road. When I got to the house there was a sign that said, visitors by appointment only. How can I get an appointment if I don’t know the phone number? So I opened the gate and it looked like a park – there was acres and acres of land. I hoped there was no dogs roaming around.

Five minutes later, I approach the house. Four (yes four) dogs came running. I wanted to die. Luckily there were fence in. I was so relieved. I stood there for a few minutes to see if someone would come out the door, but no one did.

I walked back and I saw some people at the farm. The guy yelled, “Is that your car?” I parked on their property. He told me I parked on their alarm system. Ooops! But I did get some pictures of them.

Unfortunately for the girls it was time for them to eat and they didn’t appreciate me coming to take pictures. One was whining and they were all huddled together in the shade because it was so hot for them. I needed to take the picture of the black one for an exposure project and she (or he) kept winking at me. There was flies and poop all over the place. Every time they shook the flies off of them the dust came flying off too. I was so grossed out. I kept thinking of the National Geographic photographers. The owners cut their fur for hats, mittens and such. I thought it was an interesting job to have, but not for me.


only a face that mother can love!


Isn't she cute?!
Playing Catch Up

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