Thanks for Bidding!

Thanks to those who bid on my earrings. My friends are awesome! Being that time and money is limited, I thought this would be a great way to contribute to a cause while using my skills.

Two more days left until this quarter is over. I’m getting so antsy. My son is at VBS (Vacation Bible School) in the morning so it is giving me a chance to study for this final.

(Going back in time to April 18ish, 2011) So I go back to Stone Mountain today to take some pictures. I’m carrying my tripod in a long black case. Twice I was asked, “what’s in the bag?” (King Kong’s banana? Um, hunting for wabbits?) You answer the question. Maybe that’s why the cops were sticking around. Plus the fact I was sitting in the middle of the parking lot taking pictures.
Last weekend I was taking pictures in a parking lot full of sheds. It was a Sunday. A po po car came driving in the parking lot. I though, oh, no, here we go again. I guess I’m the po po hoe because I seem to attract the police. I don’t even think he saw me. He drove by me and stopped about 5 feet behind me, looked around and left. I continued to take photos and I was about to go around the back of the sheds and I saw that cop again parked in the next parking lot over. I just left.

The pictures below are from Stone Mountain:

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Thanks for Bidding!

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