Here We Go Again

Yankee Land once again. I love packing…no really. I overpack and I can’t even carry the suitcase and I end up not wearing half the clothes. I love living out of a suitcase…for real. It takes me 10 minutes as long to find one pair of underwear and then pack it up again. My mom doesn’t have a hair dryer, so should I pack my own? The nights will be in the ’60s up north. How much clothes should I bring?!

I’m looking up things to do in NYC with the family. We were planning to go to the Empire State Building until I saw the price – for the three of us it will cost $111 to go to the 86 floor and the observatory deck! Can you believe that?!  My son will be so disappointed that we’re no longer going. It’s $59 ($10 more to see the sunrise or sunset) to go to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) observatory for the 3 of us. These are the only 2 observation decks in the city. We’re also going to the Museum of Natural History.

I though I would have some time to go through these pictures that I wanted to give to mom and mom-in-law, but that’s not going to happen…Well at least my jewelry is packed up, ready to be sold! ;–) And that was the easy part!

My husband gets the raw end of the stick every year for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is usually the day we leave for Yankee Land. Christian and I are planning to buy and decorate a cookie for him this year. We have to get the cookie tomorrow.

My husband is coughing and feeling achy. Jeez, I hope he isn’t coming down with anything. Christian was sneezing too. I guess I need to pack some cold medicine too…

Here We Go Again

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