Am I a Mean Mom?

Six year old boys are an interesting species. I live in a neighborhood where a lot of the houses are for rent. I stopped introducing myself to the new neighbors because people were moving in and out like a revolving door. So I didn’t meet any of the boys on my block until Christian was in school.

Before I met them, I caught 2 of them who were Christian’s age peeing on my lawn. Yes, you read it right. Another time the neighbor’s dog was taking a dump on our lawn while my husband came toward him with the lawn mower. The dog did not move.

After all this I did meet the neighbors and they turned out to be nice (the dog doesn’t do his business in our yard anymore and neither do the kids).

Any way, when they come over to play in the house, my house looks like a tornado hit it. If I didn’t make them clean up they wouldn’t. They scream and run in the house and break my son’s toys. They apologize about the broken toys, but when you spend $50 on the toy it can get frustrating. One of his toys ended up on the neighbor’s roof. The father got it down the next day.

They haven’t played in my house since. Now I know why my neighbor’s parents keep them outside when they play. They ask if they can come inside, but I say no. But I do not teach my son to carry on like that. smh.

Am I a Mean Mom?

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