I Wish September Was Ova’

That was not a typo in the title. That’s the way you say it on Longisland. You didn’t know Long Island was one word? Well that’s how you say it on Longisland. And don’t you forget it.

Last weekend I “ruined everything”, according to my 6-year-old. I wouldn’t let his friends play in my house. The equation is: 3 boys = a messy house + broken toys, as I stated previously. I told my son, “Nooo, your friends ruined everything (and don’t you forget it, little man!). They break your toys and mess up my house so everyone goes outside.”

Let’s see, is my sanity more important or their happiness? I’ll choose the former.

I’ll be going to a funeral on Saturday and I’m trying to do laundry before I leave. The washing machine starts acting up. I think I’ll be able to finish washing before I leave.

Next week is the dreaded colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy. If I didn’t have to sit on the toilet for hours on end, I would be ok with it.

The following week is my physical and possibly surgery for my husband. He’s getting tubes in his ears.

This month was supposed to be my vacation because my son is back in school and I don’t start school until Oct. Now I’m so ready for October to come.

I Wish September Was Ova’

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