The New Family Reunions: Funerals

I recently went to my aunt’s funeral. She is the first one of my aunts and uncles to go. Looking at my surviving aunts and uncles, I became sadden; almost of the men walked with canes and almost all the women have dementia or Alzheimer’s. I need to learn about my family, especially  before the older generation dies out.

The more times I visit my family, the more I learn about them. It was fun hearing stories about my aunt. People were hanging out on the front lawn with their lawn chairs, all country like. My auntie would wash clothes every day. My mom said her house was spotless. She also applied turpentine :-0 to joint pains. But my auntie’s favorite remedy was castor oil. If you had a stomach ache – castor oil. If you’re feeling sick – castor oil. My cousin said she barely got sick do to taking castor oil.

Although it was a sad event for everyone to get together, funerals bring people together – otherwise you wouldn’t see anyone. I met my oldest uncle for the first time ever. He known always to be incognito. I was so glad to have a chance to meet him. And I met many other relative that day as well.

The last time my mom has visited her family was the death of her dad. Now she doesn’t like to travel because she is getting up there in age and everything goes wrong with her body now.

I remember when my dad died, I finally met my aunt. My other aunt who lives one state over from my parents made an appearance too. Boy did she have stories to tell me. My dad said he would constantly call my aunt, but she would never return his calls. I know Dad was disappointed.

Even though funerals are good-byes, let’s not wait to see someone when they are dead.

I love you auntie.

The New Family Reunions: Funerals

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