The Day that Nothing Goes Right and Other Fascinating Stories

My new thing was is time management. But not today. Actually, I don’t think it’s working at all. The house hasn’t been cleaned in weeks and people wonder what I do all day.

Sunday night I look at my syllabus and realize that I was doing my photo assignment wrong. I wouldn’t be able to take photos Monday because my son is off from school. So we went to the store Monday to buy mat board. Monday night I found out that I had no ink so now I couldn’t do my homework.

Today it has been a rainy, windy, cold day. So I decided to buy ink for the printer. That was a nightmare. I decided to go to a different Cartridge World, but they don’t sell what I need. I go the other Cartridge World and they moved. Finally, I get to the right place get my stuff and leave.

It’s been a long time since I printed so my printer is acting ugly. I had to clean it and replace ink galore. And it still wasn’t working correctly. I decided to eat lunch. After I ate, my printer felt like printing correctly after the 4th nozzle check and first cleaning (almost second) . And it’s now after 3 pm. Talk about time management!

I do have photos if push comes to shove, but I hate them. So rain or shine tomorrow, I will be photographing. Because it is due Thursday. :-p

The Day that Nothing Goes Right and Other Fascinating Stories

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