Starting to get worried about this new photo class. I got my project back and it was a C! It was the blue photo on the left.

He told us not to crop it which I did, and the depth of field is just floating in the picture. He probably knows that I cropped it. But a C! Man!

The other photos I got in the B range, which I wasn’t to happy about, but hey, it is what it is, I guess. There were a lot of frowns in the class today. It wasn’t only me.

Well this brings me to a possible problem. Since I’m going to school for free, I need to get at least an overall B in the class otherwise I will have to pay for it.

With what money?

I don’t know.

Not cool…

On the other hand, if I drop the course I would have to wait a year to start taking classes again. This is the school’s policy. So, I’m screwed either way.


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