C+ Doesn’t Work

At least this quarter it doesn’t. I tried to go in to class with an open mind, which I found hard to. I received another C+ for the photo on the left. When we critiqued he said I needed to balance the lower left part of the picture – it was too much negative space. As a graphic designer, you can’t have enough negative space. I don’t think I should be getting these grades because his preferences are different than mine.

Today he said this photo is too busy for a rules a third project; we had to have at least 2 points in the project where the subjects were placed on the rules of third. Before I handed in the project, I e-mailed him for approval. Something told me he wouldn’t like it even though he chose it. I sent him more photos, but I decided to go with his choice. I know I’m getting a C on this one too. He did like the train one I handed in. I hope it balances out these C’s or overrides them.

I was going to write something else, but I was advised not to. Pleading the 5th is hard sometimes.

This is the busy one.
This was the one I was thinking of using. More simplified and obvious.
This is the more simplified one.
The train I would have used regardless. Powerful image.
C+ Doesn’t Work

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