The Spirit of Halloween

As we all know, trick or treating isn’t what is used to be. Now there’s this silent rule that if the lights are not on at your door, don’t come-a-knockin’. The older kids ignore this rule. And there are some people that leave the candy outside so they won’t have to get up and answer the door, uh, I mean, because they are not home. There were also a lot of lazy people that drove around the neighborhood in the car. What a waste of gas – you stop, get out of the car and turn on the car again to the next house!

One thing I knew would happen, but I kept my mouth shut so I wouldn’t jinx myself, ended up happening anyway. My son had to pee while we were trick-or-treating. We were far from the house, of course, and people were in view. So we had to wait until the family got in their car. Of course, it took them a year and a half to turn on the car, probably because they were looking to see what kind of candy they got. My son’s bladder was about to burst and he was ready to whip it out. He did not care. We were in a cul-de-sac, so the family in the car had to turn around in the cul-de-sac and drive by us. Then we had to take off part of his costume. At least there was no accident!

P.S. I won the little skull ornament in the picture! She’s a talented artist that I went to school with. By the way, I won the ornament fair and square, not because we’re friends. Don’t hate because you didn’t know about the contest!

the transformer and Skeletor the ornament
The Spirit of Halloween

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