Mini Me Interview

My friend wrote me, asking me all these questions. Since it’s my blog, why not? They were hard questions for me, because I like to dabble in everything.

What made you decide to go back to school again?
Well, This is something I always wanted to do, but wasn’t encouraged to do. So I had to make my own decision, especially since I wasn’t happy in any previous jobs I held.

Would you like to be a commercial photographer or artist?
Both, I would like to keep my options open and learn as much as I can.

Which one do you prefer spending more of your time, making accessories (jewelry) or taking photos?
Hmmm…they’re both equally gratifying. But I do get out of the house and meet people doing photos. I haven’t had a craft show [yet] with my jewelry. So we’ll see.

People have asked me what kind of camera you use, but there’s a level of skill you have to obtain to take good pictures. It’s not always about the equipment. My teacher, uses a plastic Holga to do a lot of his professional work. Holgas are considered toy cameras!

And then there are strangers that ask if I’m a photographer as I’m holding my camera…Duhhhh! Alright, I couldn’t help myself.

Thank you, my friend, for my mini me interview!

Mini Me Interview

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