600 Plus PIctures Later…

I really didn’t feel like going to class today because of my track record. Meaning, my work is not that great according to the wizard. We also had to grade each other’s project, but the teacher did have last say, which I wasn’t sure about. Yes, I took over 600 photos for this project, feeling hopeless, that I wasn’t getting the concept. I did find out that half the class didn’t understand the concept. Actually they did, but it wasn’t in the form of what the teacher expected. Everyone had a different interpretation which I thought all were correct. Isn’t that what art is about? Thank you! The handout sheet wasn’t that helpful either. But nonetheless, I kept hounding him all week so I got what he was saying.

Our group didn’t mesh well. Or should I say I didn’t mesh well with my group. The first part we put the photos in order from best to worse. Me and one guy argued the order of 2 photos. It ended up that the teacher liked the order of my photo better (hmm…). I was also fighting for my photo. I actually though mine was better than the most of them. And again, the teacher agreed. Although we kept it in the order THEY WANTED IT IN. That’s ok as long as the teacher had the final say (in this case, anyway!).

In the end, I surprisingly did well on this project. 🙂

600 Plus PIctures Later…

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