Kitty Attacks

While shooting for my final project, the junk yard kitty came toward me with something in her mouth…a lizard. Kitty was meowing loud announcing that she caught something. She let go of the lizard and the lizard tried to make a run for it. Kitty popped her paw on it. This process of the lizard attempting to run and the cat not letting him run continued. Then Kitty picked up the lizard with her front paws while standing on her hind legs, claps the lizard to death. The lizard opened his mouth as if he was screaming. She continued to pop him with her paw. Kitty finally grew tired of playing with him and ate him. Crunch, crunch went his bones. I was so grossed out, but fascinated at the same time. Kitty got up  and lay down, flickering her tail in satisfaction.

The End


Kitty Attacks

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