What a Nice Guy

Yesterday was my last day of class. Guy Smiley left the class with these famous words: “If you have me next quarter, you need to step it up a notch, otherwise if you think this class was hard, you will have problems passing the next class.”

Yeah, dude, I hope your Christmas is merry…

Is he trying to mess up my vacation? Well it won’t be all that merry. I will be having surgery next week. So most likely I’ll be out of commission for awhile. Two years ago I had surgery on both hands at the same time for carpal tunnel. The doctor said it’s possible that I’ll be having a second surgery because I have Martin Gruber Anastomosis. It means pretty much the same thing. I have problems with nerves in my hands so he will be moving the nerve in my elbow to prevent that tingling feeling I get in my hands. He’s only doing one arm at a time. So I will have to wait awhile to get the other one done.

I have 5 days to get the house clean and decorated before the surgery. :-O

I may not be blogging for awhile so have a great Christmas (yes, I said Christmas) and new year!

Oh, another thing Guy Smiley did was put questions on the test about his own photography work. He said, “Whatever I say in class can be on the test!” Sigh. Life is so not fair.

What a Nice Guy

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