Mini Interview: Lawrence Levine

It’s so inspiring to see people do what they love, like Lawrence Levine. We went to elementary school together and I remember him always drawing comic book characters. I thought it would be nice to interview him.

Are you a full time artist?
Larry: Yes I made the jump into full time  7 years ago. I do primarily Portrait Commissions but i have done some commercial work for magazines. I’m preparing samples to do more. My aim is to do book covers and picture books. I think storytelling is a lot of fun.

What did you do before going full time as an artist?
Larry: I worked the graveyard shift for 11 yrs at Estée Lauder.

How did you become interested in art?
Larry: My father made his living as a commercial artist, I was always around it, art had always been a part of my upbringing.

What other types of artwork do you do?
Larry: Fine art Portraits and Paintings, Illustrations.. mainly that. I started out as a Cartoonist and had a real interest in Fashion Illustration and Photography before i began to paint. I still do it every now and then for fun.

If you can paint anything or anybody, what would it be?
Larry: Well, he’s no longer with us, but i would have loved to have a painted a portrait of Gordon Parks – that man did everything. He was the first African-American photographer for Life Magazine, Vogue, to direct a major motion picture for a Hollywood Studio; a best-selling author and a Composer. I would have talked with him about his experiences. Currently, I would love to paint a portrait of actor Christopher Lee. He’s 89 and still working. Just like Mr Parks, I would talk with him about his experiences.

He’s based out of NY if you’re interested in his artwork. He is on Facebook ( and he is building his website coming soon ( Here are some examples of his work:

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Mini Interview: Lawrence Levine

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