Hello, I’m Back!

School has started and last week I have been running around looking for props for this lighting class. I find this class to be intimidating because this lighting stuff is new to me. But this is what I wanted to do. It’s a lot to think about – the lighting and composition, putting it all together. It’s nerve racking. I also feel like I spend more time looking for props than actually taking pictures (which I do). I hope I have the right stuff for this week’s class.

I also spent this week looking for a new meter. I have 2 already and neither of them were spot meters so I went on ebay and bought one. Since I engraved my name on the second meter, I will be selling that on ebay. I could have returned it, but I was afraid the company would have found my name on it. I would have been on the black balled list.

My arm and hand is feeling better since the surgery. The pinky and ring finger is still numb.

Last week
Class was horrible. I took more time setting up than shooting. I almost started to cry. I did cry when I went home. I hate my project. I will not wait until the last minute to compose my photos – too much time was wasted. I wish I didn’t have to do the data sheet which is figuring out what the exposure will be before metering it. >:-p I lost the sheet that I did in class along with my textured papers that I bought. I think I threw it out. So it should be a the town dump by now. When I thought of this I heard the garbage man drive by with my papers…

2 weeks ago
He hated my 1st project too. When I put it on the white board in between the line of fire, I saw how dark my print was. At that point I didn’t even want to show mine. Of course, Guy Smiley picked on mine first because it was so dark. He made all of us print it out again so I hope I got it right this time. The point of this project was to get everything as bright and white as possible. It’s harder than I thought. Here are the before and after (round 2):

























The after looks a little off. I hope it doesn’t print that way!

Hello, I’m Back!

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