The Party is Over

I’m glad the quarter is over. As usual it wasn’t an easy one. Guy Smiley didn’t make is any easier as usual. I’ve been using refurbished ink and they didn’t always work. One time I ended up bringing my printer to Cartridge World because the cartridge was defected. I made about 3 trips to the store because none of the cartridges worked.Oh, and my teacher gave me a compliment about my work. I almost had heart failure; it was a moment not to forget.

For those who know my witty and charming son, this is the other side of him:

I’ve been working with my son with his eating habits. I think (I’m being careful about what I say) that he may be coming around, but he is taking baby steps. He even told me that it wasn’t the texture of the food, but everything tastes bad. How could everything taste bad? I still believe he has a sensory problem, but it’s also true that he has a behavioral problem, So he starved himself (I wouldn’t let him eat what he wanted until he tried something) for a day until he tried a piece of food. He was getting hunger pains. So he finally gave in. This reminds me of the time when I was potty training him. He told me he was going to pee on the floor if he didn’t have a diaper. I told him, go right ahead. He did. I didn’t give him the diaper either. After one day, he was using the toilet.

It also reminds me of the day (or should I say night) when I decided not to give him his bottle at night – he was nine months old and still waking up screaming for a bottle. After 2 days, he slept through the night and so did I! Life was good once again.

And now that I’m thinking about it, he did put up a fit when I switched him from the bottle to the sippy cup. That was an ugly moment too. But it was progress.

Now that I think about these days, I believe I made the right decision about his eating habits. The jig is up! The party’s over I got your number. I know where you live. As Robert DiNiro once said to Ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers, “I’m Watching You!”

The Party is Over

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