Getting Caught Up

Now that’s a laugh – getting caught up. Since I’m not taking any classes this quarter I made: a photo website (woo hoo!); my [photo] resume; started organizing the junk in my bedroom; and tackling the basement.

The basement is the worse.It’s mostly baby clothes from when my son was born 7 years ago. Yeah, I know, how sad is that? I sold some of it at the church consignment and now I’m selling the rest of the summer clothes at a consignment store. I will try to get rid of the winter stuff in the fall. I found 9 empty boxes that I took to the garbage can, emptied 3 to take to the consignment store today and I have one left to bring to the consignment store that I haven’t gone through yet.

My dresser is covered with paper (like receipts, phone numbers, little notes to myself) that I have to go through. Some of it I already went through. At least now I can see what the dresser looks like.

My beads I categorized by color and it was amazing to find what I can make when I organized them! I also did some research on craft sales to sell my jewelry. I see you have to start in January to apply for a space.

I organized and backed up my photos for school. I still need to organize family photos and burn them.


Since I took this picture, the basement looks the same, although I threw out about 20 boxes.
Getting Caught Up

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