Vacation is “Cancelled!”

It really wasn’t a vacation to begin with. If I have to wash dishes and be nagged by my mother, it is not a vacation. Since I want my son to know her, I go there every year. This year was different – the car broke down and we spent too much on the car so we didn’t go to Yankee Land (whew!). We’re actually waiting for a part for the car and I had some work done on my car as well.

So we decided to go to Savannah for a quick getaway. The rain in Florida caused us not to go. So we went to the Coca-Cola Museum which was very cool, we went to the pool, and I did some research on selling jewelry to boutiques. Yes, this is my next move, as well as opening an etsy store. I have a store on Facebook, but the only people who buy from me are my friends. I guess free [on FB] isn’t always the best thing.

Let see, what else happened…the tv broke so now we have to get that fixed. And I lost all my contacts in my phone. That Android has been nothing but trouble since I got it.

So we stayed in Atlanta and went swimming, visited friends, and did a little site seeing.

School will be starting in 2 weeks (blah!). Wish me luck! 🙂

Vacation is “Cancelled!”

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