My Teacher is Crazy

My summer quarter is going grand…

God, I hope my teachers never see my blog. Because I talk about them. I need to release some steam.

I have about 10 Photoshop layers that he wants us to turn in unflattened under 100 MB. Mine is over 300. He refuses to grade projects if it’s over 300.

He cuts me off and doesn’t listen to what I’m saying. Therefore, he doesn’t answer my questions because he only hears half the question.

I’m able to calibrate/make a profile for the computer and printer at school, but not at home. So if I can’t correct the problem I will be doing my homework at school and I have to find a babysitter, with what money, because my son is prohibited to come into the labs with me. I could get suspended from using the labs.

He gives me a big fat C on my 1st paper. I wish I knew this before I handed in my second paper.

This is not my quarter.


Life is looking up even though it’s almost 11 pm and I’m not watching the Olympic Games. I got my profile to work – now I can do my work at home. And my teacher said my unflattened work does not have to be under 100 MB! 🙂

My Teacher is Crazy

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