I See, Said the Blind Woman

I went out shooting an old barn in the park yesterday. when I put the photos in Lightroom and zoomed in, they were blurry. There were only a few that weren’t I pondered this and decided to shoot it again today. This time I made sure my aperture was small, corrected my diopter setting and increase the iso to 200. The same thing happened.

Then I thought, hey, I got an astigmatism so I will never get things in the distance fully in focused.I guess a landscaping career is out of the question because if I print large it will look ugly. I never had this problem until I went digital because the SLR has a split prism which was excellent for focusing.

I hope my teacher doesn’t think I’m making up excuses!

I’m beside myself with this dilemma. I guess I will get my eyes checked.

Here are 2 that are out of focus. You may say that it looks good, but trust me, they are out of focus.

I See, Said the Blind Woman

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