Two More Weeks of Pain

This is week 8  (I think) and I have to work on my final photo this week. I painstakingly hate this class.

We had to buy $127 paper and we need a better paper for the final project. so I went in halfsies  (actually threesies) for this paper.

We have to increase the size of the printout, which means my file size is over 1 G and my computer is running sluggishly.

Then we have to decrease the size so my teacher can see the file that we worked on without him having to wait 5 years to open it like I do (So now I have time to write this entry).

Two more weeks of listening to my teacher say one thing and mean another.

I’m going to use my 3 weeks off wisely and make more jewelry. There is a small craft fair coming up and I think I will take advantage of it!


Two More Weeks of Pain

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