One More Day of Pain (Until Next Quarter)

Sooo, it’s been a long week. One of my classmates ordered paper which we split the cost of and now I’m wondering if it’s the correct paper for this final assignment. I go to the art store and buy more expensive paper and it was too thin. Today I tried printing for my final tomorrow and both papers print lousy. I did not want to buy anymore paper, but I decided to buy paper from Staples. God help me. For tomorrow’s final I have to build a printer profile and print out my final image on this special paper. I spent over $200 this quarter on paper alone. I don’t understand why we had to buy different paper for the final when we already bought expensive paper to use for the entire quarter. I guess because it’s matte and not the luster that we have been using all quarter. With the matte paper you have to know how to change the black ink. Whoop-dee-do! All you have to do is push a button on the printer, and now I’m out $200! Actually, it’s not the money I’m so mad about, I just want to do well on the final.

Wish me luck tomorrow.


Oh, here’s the picture I’ve been working on – it’s 2 pictures put together (sky and foreground) and I changed the color of the barn.

One More Day of Pain (Until Next Quarter)

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