Atlanta is Not the Place for Museums

Today I took my son to the Fernbank Museum. Blahhhh! Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok for the kids, but adults, bring a friend (for talking purposes – it’s a great way to catch up with old friends) or knitting needles. First I paid $31 (which included a coupon) for the both of us. It wasn’t worth the money. There aren’t that many exhibits – I think there were 2 and there was 2 (I think) interactive areas for the kids. I’m so not kidding. There was nothing displayed in the traveling exhibit room so it sucked. And then you have to pay another $24 for the both of us to see an IMAX movie. No thank you.

Now if you like to make jewelry, like I do, they have many stones for purchase at the gift shop. That was one plus they had going for them.

Times like these I wish I was back in NY. There’s one museum in Atlanta I like is the Don Carlos Museum at Emory University. The High Museum is only good when you see the traveling exhibits; the permanent collections on the other hand, meh!

Nice sculpture outside the front of the building.
Me making the best of the day.
Bones that are not real…
This was the highlight: the internet or something mimicking the internet. Boy, I could have saved my $30 and did this at home!
Atlanta is Not the Place for Museums

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