For this week’s class assignment I had to do the following:
Take 100 pictures of shadows
Brainstorm for mid-term project
Brainstorm for homework (I will have 4 composites completed)
Take pictures of the above assignment above and Photoshop it to death
Finish in class assignment
Complete 4 pgs of definitions, fill in the blanks, etc.
listen to tutorials online
Go to a gallery opening which was boring. The dude read from a piece of paper, but his images were interesting.

So that’s about 9 things for one class! I don’t see how people go to school and work. This teacher is crazy.

Here’s the bad part – I took pictures this past week at Awana. I forgot to change out memory cards before I began shooting my homework. I down loaded my Homework into Lightroom, and I had planned to upload the pictures from Awana on the computer later. That never happened because I thought I uploaded all my pictures and I reformatted my memory card. Great.

It’s now Sunday and I have a day in a half to complete my homework.
Oh yeah, I didn’t complete the grocery list and there is nothing to eat in the house.


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