Another Day at School

Halloween is gone and the elections are over. On to Thanksgiving. I’m exhausted and I’m blogging.The class I’ve been waiting for I’m finally taking in January and I am nervous about it. I’ve rounded up possible models for this class. It’s a Studio class and I don’t feel ready for it because I forgot everything I learned in Lighting. Days like these I feel brain-dead.
I recently did a project in school and I was so tired from doing all these homework assignments. I was up late on Monday trying to finish up and I still haven’t studied for my test on Tuesday. The project turned out yucky and I knew it. The test wasn’t too bad, but there were over 100 questions on it!

We also had a critique and the guy who never does his homework had the nerve to laugh at my piece and everyone else’s. He made me so angry; I don’t understand people like him. He was looking straight in my face and laughing at me. I totally ignored him. What an ass. On that note, I have one of his business cards and the design was ugly and he had a misspelled word and a grammatically incorrect word. I was going to tell him, but I think I will leave it as my secret. 🙂 Actually it will be our secret. Word Press’s Secret. It read: Delivering proffesional images and remember able experiences. Read it a few times and let it marinate. Does that make sense at all? It course it doesn’t. But you know, he’s a know it all. You can’t tell know-it-alls anything, because they know it all!

Another Day at School

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