God is Allowed in Our Schools

I’ve been reading Facebook posts on how God is not in our schools since the shooting in CT (actually longer than this). Let’s analyze this, shall we?

When I was a girl, we would share moment of silence. What does that mean exactly? Are we meditating? Are we praying? Whom are we praying to? Or do the kids just stand there for one minute picking their noses? I guess this was the one minute that we were allowed to have God in school.

Now if we let God in our schools what God are we allowing in our schools? Allah, the Latter Day St.’s God, the hundreds of Gods that the Hindus follow, or Buddha? Don’t forget Judaism and the Scientology. So by letting God into the school it could get crowded with different religions. Maybe that’s why the government does not allow God into our school.

But don’t you see God is already in out schools. He’s in our hearts. Did  the man who shot everyone at the school in CT have God in his heart? The question should be is God in our hearts?

Other questions:
Do all parents raise their kids with God in their hearts?

Do parents care enough to raise their children with morals?

Do the parents see if their children are crying out for help?

Are parents playing friends or parents to their kids?

Now ask yourself why are there so many shootings this past year?
Remember learning starts at home. Yes guns do kill, but if God was in your heart, one would not be going on a shooting rampage. We’re always ready to point the finger at someone else. Point the finger at yourself and love your children.

Enough said.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

God is Allowed in Our Schools

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