A New Year

My Christmas break is almost over. I managed a B out of the last class, thank God. I feel numb to school right now because no matter how hard I work, I get a substantial grade and burn myself out. If I haven’t told you I’m taking 2 more classes and that’s it. I’m tired of school. I pretty much completed all the associate degree courses. I’m hoping that real world experience will help improve my game.

2 weeks off from school wasn’t enough for me. I wish I can organize myself more before it starts. At the end of the quarter, there was a pile of junk growing on my floor. I was afraid that I would trip over it if I got out of my bed during the night. I did clean it up as I cleaned up my son’s room, and dusted and vacuumed like a mad woman. And I did do the arts and crafts show in December. But I only sold one necklace. That’s what I get for paying $20 to rent a table. The advertising for the show was lousy [probably because it’s a government-run park].

I’m also behind posting stuff. So here are some recent earrings I made, since I’m cleaning off my hard drive.

DSC_1641 DSC_1640 DSC_1632 DSC_1643

A New Year

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