Step by Step

We go through the same routine every night. My son acts as if I gave him a new script and don’t know what to do with himself. Here it is step by step on what to do”

1. Take your clothes off and get in the tub. He has to start talking to me and kiss me. I’m annoyed at this point (and I’m only at #1).

2. Wash yourself. This can take as long as a half hour if I don’t check on him.

3. Rinse off the soap. I end up rinsing him off with the shower head.

4. Dry yourself with the towel. He would rather shiver than dry himself off.

5. Extra step tonight: try on suit that I bought for him today. His belly is too big for the suit. It must be returned.

6. To speed things up, I put on the lotion and cut his nails.

7. Gets dressed.

8. Get into the bed.

In between these steps I’m yelling at him from the kitchen because I’m trying to clean up the kitchen from an hour ago.

9. Repeat steps 1-8 tomorrow.

Step by Step

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