Finding Models for Class

What makes this class theeee worst class is the fact I have to find models. I go onto FB and beg people to take their picture. One person who said she would do it, and she never answered my calls. When I ask (or should I say write them there is usually no response. It’s so depressing. I may have to take my teacher’s advice and look for models at  modeling schools.

I said I wasn’t going to complain on Facebook, so now I’m complaining on my blog.

On Sunday, when the Falcons were losing, I was busy e-mailing, calling, and facebooking people to be my model. Georgia was so involved in this game so I guess no one was picking up their phone. I was getting so upset because I need to redo my project and I couldn’t get anyone. No one returned my e-mails. But I did get to talk to one of my models about our future shoot so all was not lost. And 2 people volunteered, but I couldn’t make it work because these people have lives.

I also love the rules for using the studio: you can’t use the studio one weekend and then again the following. I say first come, first serve. That’s the worst rule ever because the studio is empty since it’s the beginning of the quarter. And here’s another rule that sucks: you cannot call in to reserve the studio – you have to go to the school and sign up in person. I’m only at the school once a week and I have to drive 40 minutes and waste gas to make an appointment. Luckily, my husband works there and he can schedule my appointments, although he cancelled the wrong date. Luckily again, no one took my spot and I was able to shoot.

Finding Models for Class

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