More Stupid Studio Rules

I have to go to school to return the Eyeone calibrator. So I decided to reserve the studio. I thought about doing Thursday night, but if I will be there on Friday I might as well do both sessions. The other stupid rule I didn’t know about is this:

You can’t reserve the studio twice during the week.

I thought it was just the weekend you can’t do that. I would have to wait until tomorrow (Wednesday) if I want to reserve the studio for Thursday since I already reserved the studio for Friday. If I wanted to reserve it for Friday then I would have to wait until Thursday.

Well that gives my model plenty of time, number one, and number two, I have to wait until the other slackers reserve a room before I can reserve a room twice during a weekday!


I really trying to do what I need to do and I have to wait for other people to reserve the room? How can I plan something when I’m not allowed to plan?! Grrrr!

More Stupid Studio Rules

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