The Composite

These projects are making me miserable. I’ve been moping the whole week and because of that I wasted valuable time that could have been used  more productively.

I show Guy Smiley my photos and he said that the interior of the church will be hard to match up with studio lights. I don’t know why he approved this idea after I did all this shooting. So I decided to work on another idea as well and hoped that one of these ideas would work. It doesn’t look like either one of these ideas will work. I’m beginning to hate this class.

The assignment is to combine 2 images together but the images were taken at different places. So it’s up to me to match the light. One idea was to take pics of paths in the park and have my model dress up as a runner. The picture of the park looks horrible so I’m planning to go to a track tomorrow and hopefully get a better image. I just hope I can match the lighting with the picture that I took in the studio.

My second idea is to take a picture of a stained glass window and I picture of my pastor in his Sunday outfit. I managed to take a picture of him in his Sunday outfit, but we didn’t have enough time to do the other one so I ended up grabbing someone in the hallway who happened to have on sweats and had 20 minutes to spare. And we did it. The bad thing about this photo was that the bottom part of the picture was dark so I don’t know if I can use it.

I did a lot of shooting this week, but I don’t know if it’s what he wants.

The Composite

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