Any Words of Encouragement?

Another model pulled out on me. At least she told me upfront instead of not returning my e-mails like some other model I had. Oh, this is so frustrating.

My overall grade is now averaging a C (maybe lower depending on what a 75 is equivalent to in the photo land department). Mind you there are no redo’s or extra credit in this class. After critique, I kinda knew what kind of grade I was getting. I had this teacher before so I knew. I need to get A’s on my tests and paper at least to I can pass this class and not pay for it.It makes me wonder whether or not I should take the next class I wanted to take.

After last quarter, I just wanted hang it up. I’m so over school. I don’t know if grading so hard will make me work harder because I’m doing the best I can, and obviously my best ain’t good enough. My anxiety starts to kick up and I work like a mule with a broken back.

The fight is not over; I will not give up, although I feel discouraged. Sorry I’m being a downer today; sometimes I just need to vent. Since I was working with the teacher on my last project, he seems to like it, which is a good thing. Sunday I spent so many hours making a mask around my model in Photoshop because he wants me to adjust the backdrop color. 😛 I’m trying to get it “perfect”.

Side note: I’m glad that the boy in Alabama made it out of the bunker alive.

Any Words of Encouragement?

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