BYOW (Bring Your Own Wipes)

It’s a good thing I bought wipes to my photo session. The only reason I bought them was to wipe shiny faces. After today I learned a lesson: byow.

This assignment was a group shot. It wasn’t too fun lighting 4 people. I will be doing a lot of Photoshop this weekend. So anywho, I hope my models don’t mind me telling the story of our day that almost didn’t become.

The young girl twins arrived with their mom and one of the girls slept the whole way over; She had just came from a slumber party and was exhausted. She was so tired that when she got out of the car she didn’t realize that she went into another person’s car. I kept asking her, “why are you in there?” She finally realized where she was and got out. She said, “I don’t know!”

She continued to act strange and her mom realized something was wrong. It’s a possibility that she is hypoglycemic because her other daughter has the same thing. Meanwhile the other pair of twins got into a fender bender. Luckily, the damage was not bad. It was a small dent. I told the mom that maybe we should reschedule it. She agreed and we walked downstairs after I took everything out of my car for the shoot, only to put it back in the car.

When we got to the parking lot the mom said, “Can we take the picture now?” At this point I didn’t want to but we were already here. So I went back up the stairs with my junk to go set up. By this time an hour passed. Time was a wasting! Luckily my husband was still in the building and helped me set up the back drop.

I took awhile, as usual, to set up. My models got dressed and they entertained themselves. We all go to the same church so everyone knew each other. Of course, the lights gave me issues. One of the light packs didn’t work, I had to set up 2 soft boxes from scratch and in the middle of the shoot I had to do another exposure and I didn’t have the pocket wizard connected to the light meter so that took me 20 years to figure that out! It was like brain surgery in there. If my teacher was there, he probably would have stood there watching me to see how long it would take me to figure out that the light meter and the pocket wizard were not connected.

So it was a group project and it was tea time in the studio. I brought in cup cakes which was a mistake because the studio turned into Pilgrim State. Pilgrim State, by the way was a place in NY were all the mental patients resided. When the place closed down there were a lot of homeless patients roaming around town.

So yeah, Pilgrim State – all the crazies were out. There was a cup cake fight and the girls were screaming down the hall way. Soda  and cup cakes were all over my $58 seamless paper (back drop). When I show you the final photo you will see why this happened. I had them spread the cup cake on their mouths and I took a picture of them.

So with the mess in the studio I was glad that I brought wipes. One of the models had a bloody lip because his lips were dry. But again, I’m glad I brought the wipes. 🙂 Never leave home without them.

All in all, it turned out to be a fun shoot despite our bad beginnings. And yes, the twin girl was feeling better.

There’s me in the background! 🙂


BYOW (Bring Your Own Wipes)

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