I used to get so worked up when people didn’t get back to me when I invite them over for a little soiree. Now it’s like the norm. I had a party for my models this past weekend. I must have invited about 15 people – 3 showed up. And I know many of them weren’t doing anything. :’-( But that’s ok. I know some people were working and some just need a break from the week. But I did have fun with my 3 guests and their families. 😀 But I wish they would rsvp me!

The Starving Artist needs a job. I’m in the process of getting my resumes together. In the meantime I decided to apply for retail jobs. I won’t be able to go to school until the fall so I said why not? I certainly need the money.

It seems like it is harder to apply for retail nowadays. I went to Old Navy to apply for a job. They told me to apply online. I had to go through all this rigmarole just to do so. It was like getting a coupon online. I was asked if I was going to school, attending school, or in the process of going to school before I can get to the job part. 5 minutes later I get a phone call asking about college plans! I just want a job! To say the least, I did not apply for the job.

Michaels was more difficult. You know people come and go at retail. I went to the Michaels web site and the only choices were management (ugh!), inventory (double ugh) and most of the jobs were not in my state. I don’t understand. You need people, but you don’t want to hire.


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