Too Much on My Plate

The Taste of Shiloh didn’t go as well as I thought it would. First of all, my table was in the hallway, and the only time anyone paid attention to my table me was when they wanted to know where the food was or where the bathroom was. I didn’t make any money that day! There were hundreds of people there that day too. I almost didn’t get my table at the Taste of Shiloh because someone forgot about me. Maybe it was God’s way of saying, don’t do it. But I emailed them my cancelled check and got a space at the last minute. Maybe this is why my table was almost out the door. In fact, it was near a door and I was cold the whole day.

Then I decided to take a cake decorating class. Why? I don’t know! I’ve always been interested in decorating cakes, but now isn’t the time. I’m trying to look for a job and this class keeps me busy. I got a call to take baby pics at hospitals, but we keep playing phone tag. Every time he calls, I’ve been busy. Actually the first time he called I didn’t recognize the number to I didn’t pick up. When he returned my call, I was on my way to class and my hands were full of baking supplies and baked goods so I couldn’t pick up the phone – I was also late. This is my last class so I will be able to breathe – not really.

I’m taking a self-defense class starting Monday.

Too Much on My Plate

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