Just When You Think it’s Safe to go Back in the Water…

God always throws you a curve ball—I guess he wants to see if you’re still awake. He keeps you on your toes, ready or not.

Just when you think the world is rotating on its axis, I fall. My aunt just passed away this week. This is the second aunt that I lost to Alzheimer’s. The 1st one died last year. There’s one aunt left living who is blind (from diabetes) and has Alzheimer’s. The funeral is on Thursday and my son starts his first day of school on Wednesday. I managed to find a cousin that I can ride with to Florida.

Now for some more depressing news…my mom’s cancer is getting worse. It has spread to her back. She will be starting radiation. I wanted to suggest to her to stop eating processed foods and start juicing to build her immune system, but I know I’ll be wasting my breath. She told me that she stopped consuming salt, which was a lie. Now she uses seasoned salt. I guess she thinks she’s using less salt? I know you need salt in your diet, but she said that she doesn’t even buy canned or frozen food with salt in it…another bold face lie. During my visit, I saw her eating chips, deli meats, and hormone based meats. I honestly don’t know if a change in diet would help her at this point, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. But I didn’t want to get into an argument with her.

Despite how this summer is going, I did get a chance to post my jewelry on etsy. And I will be taking my last photo class in the fall! I never had this teacher before, but everyone is scared of him; he does not play. Not that fool around in class, but one slip up, and it’s off with the head. He will kick you out of class. And he’s probably the hardest grader in the department.

So I really wasn’t ignoring my blog, I just don’t have the time right now.

Just When You Think it’s Safe to go Back in the Water…

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