I Mean, Really?

This is the last photo class I’m taking which is called Location. Today, I received an e-mail from my teacher about the supply list. It could be worse, but it makes me wonder, what are we doing in this class? I’m keeping an open mind and keeping calm. I want to share with you the supply list:

Students need to have all these items in a portable container ( not soft bag ) which will be checked

at the beginning of the second session. If you are missing any items you will not be allowed into class.

•            LEE Filters Neutral Density Polyester Filter Set with Gel snap holder.  B&H #LENDSGS  $64.95  **

OR, single 3 stop ( 0,9 ) ND Screw filter for your lens.

•            Flash / Incident Light Meter  Sekonic L-758 DR  ( second hand Sekonic L-608 )

•            Greytag Macbeth Grey Scale Balance Card ( not normal grey card )

•            Canon Remote cable or similar

•            Manfrotto or Kaiser ‘Hotshoe Double Bubble Level’.  ( B&H photovideo ) ( Showcase  Atlanta )

•            Flash Synch Cable

•            Lens Cleaning Tissue ( not cloth )

•            Dust Off Canned Air

•     Leather Man ( or similar heavy duty ) tool

•     2 inch Black Three ring binder with straight edge ( D ring  ) rings and not round rings

•            Notebook

•            Pack adhesive cd sleeves to stick to back of assignment board

•            8.5 x 11 clear sleeves that you can tape / attach to back of assignment board.

•            Compass –either, App for smart phone or iPad ,or:

 options:  Eddie Bauer® Digital Trail Compass  K Mart $29.29   www.target ,com

            or  Brunton

Highly recommended but not required:

•            Capture One Pro v7 Software. Student price $129 ( $400 )  call Capture Integration, Atlanta & Laptop.

•            Bogen / Manfrotto 2909 Super Clamp with Reversible Short Stud  B&H # BO2909   –   $29.95

•            Roof Rack

•            Step Ladder 12ft +

•            Bungee Chords

•            Hose Pipe

•            Parking Cones / Hard hat  ( Home Depot / Lowes )

•            Sandbag weights  ( PC&E  or PPR  Atlanta )

•            Large Umbrella and clamps to attach it to a stand / tripod

•            Brush for upholstery and carpets

•            Graduated 2 – 3 stop ND filter

He is serious about not letting you into class. I knew someone who took this class and she got kicked out because she forgot one thing! I’m not a bad student (and neither was she), but I do not want to get on his bad side.

What’s up with the hard hat? Will my life be in danger?

…And a roof rack?

I better start eating some spinach.

I Mean, Really?

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