Long Weekend

My first assignment for this class was to take a picture of a building, from inside another building (half way up the building so you can view the building straight on). The building has to have one wall in the shade and the other wall in the sun.

I decided to visit the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel to take the picture. It’s the tallest hotel downtown. If you go up to the top floor, you can see the city and eat a meal there.

So looking like a bum, I go into the luxurious hotel. Of course I stick out like a sore thumb and the security guard asks if I need help. So I tell him what I need to do. He said I can go up to the Sundial (the restaurant) and take the picture which is what I can’t do. I needed to go half way up the building and take the pic. He said I wouldn’t be able to do that. Luckily I was persistent because he told me to go see a person in sales at the concierge desk.

I told the woman there what I needed and she told me to go up to the Sundial. I swear, people fall on deaf ears. She said she can let me into one of the ears. I asked her if I have to pay for the room, and she said no. She gave me a short time frame to go up to the room to take the photo.

I got everything set up and realized I was too high [up in the building]. I was on the 45th floor. I also forgot my polarizing filter. I knew it would be asking for trouble if I took this picture without the filter. So I packed up everything went back downstairs.

I had a neutral density filter on me, so I called my friend who is a photographer to see if this would do. He didn’t pick up. I was debating to call my teacher. Instead, I called a local photo store and they said no. I told the lady at the concierge that I will have to come back.

I went back the next day with the encouragement of my friend. I went to the Sundial to look at the view. I had to see where the sun was and and find which building was half in the sun and half in the shade. This was one of the requirements. The other requirements was that I had to include the ground and the sky in the picture.

I told the lady at the concierge which building I wanted to photograph. She looked at her diagram and tried to find me a room with that particular view. I went to the 20th floor. I got my shot but wasn’t happy with it. And neither was my teacher.

Side note: I took the MARTA to downtown to take this picture. I thought NY had some characters.

I saw:

  • a boy rub his bottom lip on the train window
  • a large splash and small drips of blood on the train station floor
  • a man had an announcement that this may be the last time we ever see him. I thought I was going to die on MARTA
  • I was so scared to allow him to preview my photo because I knew he was gonna make me do it again. I was right.
Long Weekend

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