People are Prejudice Against Professional Cameras

During Christmas Break (yes, I’m going way back) the family went down town and we decided to walk around the shopping area at Atlantic Station. We’ve been there to eat, but not to do anything else. Sooo,  I decided to bring my camera along.

We had dinner there at one of the restaurants and we started walking around to explore. While I was taking pictures I noticed that I was being followed by security. He was nonchalantly walking slowly and spying on me. I told my husband that I think we’re being followed. So anyway, I went across the street because I saw some decorative snow flakes that were connected from one building to another. I was about to push down the shutter release when I heard, “Excuse me,” in the authoritative voice.

I nearly jumped out of my skin. The robo cop must have sprinted from the corner of the road to where I was. He said, “There is no commercial photography here!”

You would think that this dude was playing FBI. I said, “I’m not taking commercial photography.”

He interrupted by saying, “you cannot take photos with that!” He yelled pointing at my camera.

I didn’t say anything. I gave him a dirty look and walked away.

He continued to follow me all the way into a store. I looked out the store window and he was standing across the street facing the store. He had to have seen me put my camera away so why is he still following me? Really?

After 10 minutes he walked away. My husband started calling him the Fo-Fo, short for Faux Faux (get it, Faux Faux? The fake police?), also know as the Po Po.

Here are the top secret pictures I took at Atlanta Station! Woop-dee-do!

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People are Prejudice Against Professional Cameras

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