At the Park

I am so behind blogging! It hasn’t been easy. My mother in law was here for 2 weeks in November while Tim got her new place ready. All she did was follow me around the house and stare at me because she is losing her memory. It got on my nerves. My son was also home for that time because it was around Thanksgiving.

In December, I had surgery so I spent the week before cleaning and preparing for my week of doing nothing. Technically, I did do something—I researched and prepared new photo prices for the new year and planned what I will do for the year. It was more work than I thought it would be.

Anyway, I have some pics to post from last year that I never got around to doing. My son. I used a flash on both of these pictures I believe. The bottom shot he looks way too dark!

dempski_201310161130-2 dempski_201310161133-2

At the Park

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