While looking for a job (hopefully in photography), I came across a freelance web site called Thumbtack. I was real excited about the opportunities this could lead to. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into until I wasted my time building an account. 

Once I started getting job leads, the next step was to bid on a job. This is where things get hairy. Thumbtack wanted me to pay for the bid. Bids can run from, I believe, $4.99 to $100+! The only thing that a prospective client has to do is look at the bid—I’m actually paying for someone to look at the bid! The client doesn’t have to accept the bid, just look at it. Wow. 

I didn’t know this until I decided to make a bid. My bid came out to $34.99. Really? The client has 48 hours to look at the bid before it is cancelled. Once the client opens the message, then I am charged for it! What a ripoff!

In summary, I have to pay for bidders, until someone accepts. They might as well go to my site and pay without the middle man who is sucking me dry. The client, on the other hand, is at an advantage because Thumbtack’s services are free for them. It’s amazing what photographers, or should I say artists, have to do to get their name out there.

None the less, I declined to make a bid and cancelled my account. I’m back on the bandwagon for getting gigs.


2 thoughts on “Freelancing

  1. Ouch – that’s cheeky!

    I’ve started to investigate stock photos… not something I want to get into,but I’m interested in how it works. I’m baffled by the massive differences in the sites and how userfriendly or not they are.

    Now I’ll have to have a looksie into this sort of thing too. 😀

    But it will wait, I still got two more pages to write before that: “Sale or return” and “direct sales”.

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